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1628 PM Hoorn

The Netherlands

KBA RA 142-6+L CX ALV3 PWVA 2006

                            Sheet size: 102 x 142 cm / 15.000 sph

Ca. 92 mio impressions

Complete with:

-CX timed air blast for cardboard up to 1.2 mm,

-Autom. NON Stop at feeder,

-Autom. NON Stop “Rollo” in the delivery,

-Machine elevated 420mm,

-Colortronic/Ergotronic console,

-CIPLINK (no file server),

-Densitronic Basic

-ACR-CONTROL (video register with measuring)


-Motorized cut sheet correction at front lays,

-Illumination plate cylinder,

-Kersten High-performance antistatic at feeder,

-PWVA = Fully automatic plate change incl. pneumatic plate bender,

-Baldwin autom. blanket wash-up device,

-Baldwin autom. inking roller wash-up system,

-Baldwin autom. impression cylinder wash-up system,

-Varidamp dampening system with Hickey picker / Presently the press is set for alcohol free printing,

-ConTemp combi cooling cabinet for dampening solution supply + inking unit temperature control (water cooled incl. glycol cooling unit),

-ACS (Air-Cleaning-System),

-Weko AP232 powderspray device with ionisation

-L = Coating tower with TRESU chambered doctor blade system, for usage of blanket forms,

Incl. 1 x Harris&Bruno Lithocoat coating pump system for water based and UV coatings (incl. UV cooling unit)

-ALV3 extended delivery 3.9m with Eltosch IR/Hot air dryer + 3 x UV end dryer in the delivery,

-Extra set of rollers (not complete),

-PIAB air cabinet

NO pressure/vacuum compressors

Machine no. 368009

Available: September 2014

In Production